Can you give me a quick quote to film X or edit Y?

We do not usually give flat-rate quotes on first contact.
This is because we treat every project individually, and as such we need to work out the time, equipment, resources, and work that will be involved, and the process that best suits the needs of the client.

If you are unsure of what you want as a final product, we can arrange a meeting to help you to work out what you need from your video, after which we will be able break down the process and give you a quote.

If you already have a clear idea of what you’re aiming to achieve with your video, please include all details in your first contact that you think will be useful. This will give us a head start in working out a quote for you.

Whereabouts are your costs on the website?

For the same reason that we do not give quotes on first contact, we do not include costs on the site either. Again, every project is individual, and every client has different needs.
When we have received your initial query, we can then break down the project into different areas – Pre-Production, Acquisition, and Post-Production.
We will provide you with a quote based on the projected amount of work, resources, and time required for each section of the job. In particular, many clients do not anticipate the amount of work or cost involved in the Post-Production stage, therefore we aim to make this process as transparent as possible.

After the project is completed, we can provide you with a cost breakdown with your invoice.