BLACK PEPPER VISUAL is run by John S. Caldwell, a freelance camera operator, director and video editor based near Glasgow, Scotland.

We specialise in video production, from live events such as gigs, weddings and conferences, to planned and scripted productions, such as corporate promotional video for your business, or short factual and drama films.





We are able to work with a variety of camera and lighting equipment.

If you do not already have the equipment you need for the job, we can source or provide the appropriate kit where required.

We have experience working with a variety of formats, from old-school SD to HD, from DVCam to XDCAM to DSLR.



Having taken directing duties on multiple projects, we can offer your project a Director, Director of Photography, or Assistant Director at various levels.

Shot-logging, co-ordinating scenes & events, keeping order on set, organising crew to perfectly setup a shot and calling action.

Whatever the production requires, we will adapt our skills to suit.






Like many interested in video, television and filmmaking, we often write and produce our own homegrown projects.

We have produced several short factual films and dramas.

If you are in need of assistance in scripting and planning a corporate video or drama, get in touch – we can help!



Black Pepper Visual has editing and post-production facilities. We are available for video editing work (on and offline, non-linear), have worked with Final Cut Pro 6, 7, & 10 (X), as well as Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, 5, and 6.

We work from an edit suite running Final Cut Studio & Adobe Creative Suite 6 for all editing and post-production work, and use an Apple MacBook Pro for mobile and on-location video post-production work.


Additionally we offer other video related services, such as VHS to DVD transfer. If you have any old work or home videos which need to be updated to current technology, give us a call.